Monday, June 1, 2015

Purchasing condos in Las Vegas

I would like to purchase half a dozen condos in Las Vegas.  I think you can get them at a good price.  The problem is that right now I do not have any $.  So, I will have to be patient and try and start accumulating $.

Addicted to making money

I have come to the sad conclusion that I am addicted to making $.  I am obsessed with creating excessive wealth for myself.  I have no wish to work for anyone else.  It's actually a lot easier if you do work for someone else to obtain wealth. 

However, that is life.  Someone else's life.  I would prefer to create my own wealth so I fight the system as it were to squeeze out every $ I can.  Time will tell how successful or unsucessful I become.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Using my Amex card to save some $

Amex had a deal on FedEx products.  If you purchased $10 of merchandise you could get $5 off.  I purchased $17 of legal size paper (2 realms) and got $5 off.  Since a ream of paper costs $13.00 at Office Depot I got a great deal by buying it for $8.50 at FedEx.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Making $ from running errands

Today I had to take my car into America's Tires to get my flat fixed.  Nothing is free - even with a warranty I ended up paying $18.  Still it's minimal when compared to what I would have to pay for a brand new tire. 

After that I stopped at Costco to get a box for my recycling.  No box says free like a Costco box.  Since Office Depot was in the same complex I had 3 lbs of paper shredded there for FREE.  Then I went home and gathered up all my recyclable cans and bottles and headed for the recycling place.  I waited in the drive for 10 minutes in Anaheim and then ... I received a piece of paper for $4 and change.  Nice way to make $.  I did not have to leave my car until I had parked and walked up to the cashier to get my cash. 

Since I have no job to go to, I stopped by at Staples on my way home and picked up their .01 realm of paper.  Since I was running low on paper I checked my online Staples coupons and found I could purchase a box of paper for $14.29(?) after rebate.  I went ahead and did this. 

While at Staples I noticed that you could have 5 lbs of paper shredded for free with online coupon!  I went ahead and took advantage of this.  I still have many lbs of paper in my car that need to be shredded but this is a good way to begin the shredding process.  I love free services. 

The Staples guy took my cart to my car and unloaded the paper carton and my other purchases into it also for free.  There is a good reason to go to Staples.

Once I arrived home I went ahead and filled in my easy rebate information so I could get my rebates after my purchases at Staples.  Meanwhile I was able to earn points via my AMEX card for my purchases.  Points that can be applied towards gift cards in the future.